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Free Consultant Services:

We provide one free consultant service to the clients within Guwahati in mutual agreement between both parties, place of comfort and time within a week of contact.

Interior Design:

Our team of interior designers provides clients with designs for home interior in 2D, 2D layout, 3D, 3D rendering, walk through video etc for whole house or part of it as required by the client. The duration may vary for finalizing of the designs depending on the client.

Customize and Modular Furniture:

Look India Interior provides several customize and modular furniture and products along with turn-key projects. We not only provide services for our designs but for also the designs that the client may provide.


Vastu Shastra Consultany

Vastu shastra is a traditional Indian system of architecture. It is believed that if the furniture, accessories and interiors are arranged according to vastu shastra, then, it will usher prosperity, health and welfare into the household.

Kitchen Planning

Kitchen planning is more complicated than just choosing the appliances and the colour of the kitchen cabinets.

Space Saver Series

In cities where population is high, saving space while constructing house or designing interior. Here, space saver design helps.

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